We Move.

United Lloyd believes in a deep identification of the crew on board with the owner of the vessel. Our Seafarers are of the utmost importance because a hard-working, well-trained crew ensures the effective operation of the ship. The safety and welfare of our crew is our top priority, along with creating a tolerant, multicultural environment.

A big advantage that we have is the efficiency, competitiveness and flexibility of the value creation of our crew-staff ashore. This enables us to act quickly and diligently to deliver the best possible service.

United Lloyd provides a platform through which a bridge is built between the Seafarer and the Principal. We facilitate the creation of connections and relationships based on trust and make sure the Seafarer feels at home on board.

We face new challenges head-on and keep moving forward.

United Lloyd also places a great deal of emphasis on keeping our oceans clean and using our resources responsibly. More on this can be found here.

Who we are

We Move.

We have been active in crewing since 2009 and are responsible for all crewing activities on board of our managed vessels.

At the end of 2015 we started the reorganization of our recruitment and replacement service to be a competitive Crew Management for our valued, current Principals and future partners who are interested in finding a smart, dynamic and efficient crewing solution.

By the end of the following summer, 2016, the first building blocks had been laid. United Lloyd Crewing officially began its new crewing activities in February 2017.

Since then, we have carried out many measures to allow for a flexible and trustworthy Crew Management.