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United Lloyd believes in a deep identification of the crew on board with the owner of the vessel. Our Seafarers are of the utmost importance because a hard-working, well-trained crew ensures the effective operation of the ship. The safety and welfare of our crew is our top priority, along with creating a tolerant, multicultural environment.

A big advantage that we have is the efficiency, competitiveness and flexibility of the value creation of our crew-staff ashore. This enables us to act quickly and diligently to deliver the best possible service.

United Lloyd provides a platform through which a bridge is built between the Seafarer and the Principal. We facilitate the creation of connections and relationships based on trust and make sure the Seafarer feels at home on board.

We face new challenges head-on and keep moving forward.

United Lloyd also places a great deal of emphasis on keeping our oceans clean and using our resources responsibly. More on this can be found here.


Crew Management


Interviewing & Selection

Flag State & Union

Insurance & Healthcare

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Travel Arrangements

Crew Management

A new, refreshing experience

We offer, as United Lloyd Crewing, the required recruitment and placement service desired by the Principal, based on the BIMCO Crewmen A (Cost Plus) and B (Lumpsum) Contracts or similar. The Crew Manager/Agent shall provide suitable, qualified Seafarers who comply with the requirements of STCW as amended, MLC 2006 and other regulations. The provisions of the Crew Management Service are described in detail in the managing contract and should define their duties and responsibilities.

The approach of United Lloyd Crewing is to offer our Principal the best service and knowledge to support them in all facets of crewing. We also take into account the financial aspects and, therefore, offer a full, transparent and logical reporting system which provides the Principal with a clear overview and development of the expenses, regardless of the contractual basis upon which the crewing is agreed. The goal is to go about crewing in an efficient manner, also on the financial side, and to build a trustworthy relationship.

We manage our crew on Crew Inspector, which is a secure, versatile crewing software, specially developed for Crew Management/Agent Companies operating in the maritime industry. Crew Inspector is available worldwide via all known Internet browsers and a link can be generated for all our Principals, in order to fulfil their requirements in relation to ISM Code and MLC 2006. The database is stored in two geographically different, independent datacenters which guarantees a high availability and data replication.

You can also be Member of the United Lloyd Crewing, where another perspective of handling your own crew can be offered. The moto is that the crew belongs to the vessels and feels comfortable and at home there. The Members are a small, tight-knit community. This enables the Principal to have a closer relationship with the Seafarers. If you are interested in becoming a Member, we can discuss further proceedings in a personal presentation.

We invite you to browse our homepage and hope we can awake an interest in you.

United Lloyd Crewing Team.


The safety of our Seafarers is extremely crucial. We strive to create healthy and safe working conditions and to take as many precautions to protect our Seafarers as possible. Therefore, we do everything in our power to minimize potential risks and injuries and to create a culture of safety on our managed vessels, together with the Principal of the vessels.

Our approach, in collaboration with the Principal must be to train the crew onboard in accordance to the Safety Management System, which is implemented by the Managing Owner. Excellent training ensures that the crew are properly prepared to deal with any emergency situations that may arise.

The safety standards on board of our managed vessels comply with all relevant national and international regulations, codes and conventions and should ensure the permanent optimization of the safety on board in cooperation with the Principal.

Interviewing & Selection

The quality of our Seafarers is extremely important to us. We take various measures to ensure this, including in-depth interviews conducted in person, telephonically or over Skype and a rigorous screening process.

All the prospect’s certificates must be complete and correct, they must possess all the necessary skills required to deal with normal operations and emergency situations that can occur on the ship and they must be medically fit to be a crew member.

Only the most qualified Seafarers are offered positions on our vessels.

Flag State & Union

Flag States

We currently operate under the flag states Antigua Barbuda and Liberia and are always open to adding others. As recognized filing agent for the flag state(s), we submit all necessary documentation and national certificates in order to arrange a proper application to the mentioned flag states for and on behalf of the Seafarer in a safe manner.


The daily work on board, including the embarkation and disembarkation process, and the responsibilities of the Seafarer and Employer, should be reflected in a general Collective Bargaining Agreement, based on the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) organization. This Collective Bargaining Agreement is internationally recognized and helps both parties to fulfil the requirements of the Seafarer‘s Employment Agreement.

Our signed Collective Bargaining Agreement with the International Transport Workers’ Federation is available during the pre-boarding briefing.

Insurance & Healthcare

The signed Seafarer Employment Agreements, in relation to the United Lloyd Crewing Collective Bargaining Agreement and in combination with the described standards of MLC 2006 Amendments, provide the crew with insurance against injury, sickness, accidents, disability and death.

The general case is that these risks are covered by the P&I Club of the Principal. Optionally, if desired by the Principal, United Lloyd Crewing are able to offer a cover to protect the crew against the above-mentioned risks.

Personal claims and monitoring can be settled by the Crew Manager if required.

Independently, the required additional MLC Financial Securities are covered by the Principal’s P&I Club and are displayed on board of the vessels.

United Lloyd Crewing, as private recruitment and replacement service company (Crew Manager), offers an insurance cover to compensate recruited Seafarers for monetary loss that they may incur as a result of the recruitment and placement service to meet its obligation to them.

Education & Training

If our Principals have specific training requirements, we have access to a wide net of training centers with which we can collaborate to make this training available for the Seafarers.

Travel Arrangements

We work with travel agencies to organize all the transportation for Seafarers from their home to the port of destination, and of course back home again, in an efficient and timely manner.

The Seafarer will usually travel by air and other modes of transport, and will have access to food and accommodation until they reach the ship.