The corporate policy of United Lloyd applies to all employees at all levels, in every part of the company and in all countries. Every employee is responsible to act in accordance with these policies.

The terms, which we have outlined in our Corporate Compliance Policy, are the basis for actions according to the law and rules. They neither cover all imaginable situations nor do they describe every valid rule which has to be considered in every individual case.

Every supervisor and every employee shall, by his personal integrity, achieve that the Corporate Compliance is lived as an essential part of our corporate culture.

United Lloyd expects from all its crew agents and business partners the adherence of the same compliances as well.

The principles of our actions are

  1. Integrity in business – no corruption
  2. Separation of corporate and private interests – no conflict of interests
  3. Protection of sensitive data and information – no misuse of data
  4. Respect for human rights and working conditions – no compromises
  5. Appreciation of sustainabillity and environmental compatibility – no waste of resources